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Who is 5 Star Parts? 5 Star Parts is a custom-order, wholesale exporter of new semi-tractor truck parts. We offer our customers a wide variety of both OEM and after-market parts. Although we specialize in new truck parts, we also ship used semi-tractor trucks and trailers as well as select used truck parts plus other specialty items like heavy equipment, forklifts, and tools.
What are the avantages of using 5 Star Parts? Our work starts with your request for a quote. From that point on, we work hard to fill your order using the quality and price parameters you set. Our small size and extensive supplier network let us work faster and more efficiently than the large companies.

On all parts orders we also do our own freight consolidation and packing. That means all components of your order, both OEM and after-market, will ship together in well-packed and sturdily constructed packaging that can handle the rigors of international shipping.

Our warehouse in Byron Center, Michigan, USA is fully equipped to handle standard air freight, container, and expedited air shipments. We are extremely conscious of shipping costs and always work hard to minimize them.

You will notice the personalized 5 Star Parts difference!

5 Star Parts - Air Freight

Remember, 5 Star Parts consolidates all brands and types of parts into as few parcels as possible, meaning all of your parts will arrive in the same packages!  We make sure to use the minimum volume needed to get the job done so your freight cost is based on weight, where possible, and not on volume.  We are extra careful with weights and sizes to make sure your shipment can be delivered all the way through to its destination. We comparative shop among our freight forwarders so you get the right value in freight as well.  We also can provide tracking information to you so you know where your shipment is at all times.  If you use 5 Star Parts air freight, we are certain you will not be disappointed!


5 Star Parts - Containers

You will like 5 Star Parts difference in container shipping! We inspect our containers before loading and address any issues to make sure your container is seaworthy. Our skilled loading team maximizes the use of available space and advises you if there is leftover room to be utilized or if there is not enough space to fit the entire order.  We also provide tracking information of the container so you know where it is.  Be it a 20-footer, a 40-footer, or a high cube container, you will find 5 Star Parts more than capable of meeting the highest quality standards for service!